The grapefruit, Orange, Peach, Watermelon, Natal Hay and Long Staple Cotton Section of Florida

Lake county :

Florida’s Famous lake Region over 100 feet above sea, in the greatest orange and grapefruit section of the State.

Watermelons shipped in solid Train Loads, often bringing $75 per acre.

High, rolling, well drained land adapted to Fruit, Winter vegetables and general farming.

$500000 voted for Head Roads. Over 200 miles already constructed. Splendid railroad and marketing facilities Lake County Land Owners’ Association



An Association of Land Owners Organized Under the Laws of Florida to Secure Desirable Settlers and Citizens for this Community, and to Encourage the Cultivation and Development of Our Best Lands

DR. JUDD Q. LLOYD, Pres. R. E. FILCHER, Vice-Pres. DR. W. A. MacKENZIE, Sec’y

G. R. SIMS, Treas

Fruitland Park, Florida

[below all was printed, now the text is typewrited. However, most of the text (all except the name and address seems to be hardcopied –alcohol ?-]

7-5-19 [ probably July 5, 1919]

Mme Lefevre

Lava Mayeune, France

Dear Madam:-

While out motoring over our fine roads, I’ve just seen a beautiful twenty acre farm which I wan you to own.

As I stopped my car and looked it over, the witching Florida sunlight flooding it with gold and the sift, cool breeze singing in the pine tree, I though what a wonderful home place it would make for the fellow who had been cooped up in the north, who had been up against the heat of summer and the cold of winter and longs to live out in God’s open places. In my mind’s eye, I could see a rose-covered cottage built there in the perfume of a white blossoming and golden-fruited orange grove ; I could see a painted barn, some cozy chicken houses, a cow, some chicks, and a garden and some kiddies running barefoot every month in the year. Then I said to myself: “Go back to the office and write some Northener about this fine twenty, give him the opportunity ov living out his dreams just as you have lived them”. So here I am, writing you about this little farm. Make it yours!

It’s a beauty. First class orange and grapefruit soil, rolling enough to make it attractive, with a fine site for a bungalow, well located as to transportation, roads, markets and neighbors; it’s a place any man should be proud to own. You ought to own it and you can if you act quick enough – and if you do, what fun you will have making your dream come true! What fun is watching your grove planted and nurtured by your own hands; or, if you have it done, by your own direction. This twenty acres, properly developed, should make a regular little Eden. Why not get at it?

If we didn’t feel confident that you would make good down here, make money and be happy, we wouldn’t want you. The few dollars we’d get for one little farm, would be mighty poor pay if you became a Gloomy Gus and spoiled the harmony of our neighborly little community – a place we’re mighty proud to call home and where we call our neighbors- friends. We’ve sold eighteen thousand acres here and we don’t want to spoil it having dissatisfied neighbors. This is Joyland and there’s no room for grouches.

But we don’t believe that a man with a beautiful and paying orange or grapefruit grove could keep a grouch if he wanted to.

So we want you to own a little farm; to develope a paying grove and some day to come down and be happy with us. Remember, we’re not “land agents”, but just neighborly folk who want the right kind of people here to help us in our work of developing the fairest land on earth, and also remember taht we own avery foot of the choice land we offer. That’s why we want to be careful in picking buyers.

Si get your land today. As soon as possible, start a grove. Matured, a 10-acre grove may be worth $10,000 or more and bring you in $2500 to $5,000 per year; twenty acre, twice as much. Develope your farm as you can afford to- but get the land while it is cheap, $80 an acre- land we consider superior to California’s $1,000 per acre orange property.

But what will you raise while your grove is maturing? A hundred things if you will; Jewell peaches, for instance. Read the enclosed information regarding this great crop. You can plant early Jewell peaches right in your orange grove. They won’t cost much. In eighteen month they should bear. For four or five years they should net you handsome profits. In other words, they may tide you over until your golden orange or grapefruit grove come into bearing.

I’ll hold this fine farm just ten days for you. Pin twenty dollars or your check to the enclosed application blank, put it in an envelope and take it to the mail box now. Begin owning a grove that you, your children and your’s children’s children ought to be proud of calling home. This opportunity will not come again, this piece will be sold within a short time- so mail your letter and remittance NOW before you forget it.


Lake County Land Owners’ Association

[rubber stamp signature]


Dict. J.Q.L./E-5

P.S. If I receive your remittance within ten days, I will give you free with this twenty acres a fine building lot, not less than fifty by one hundred and fifty feet, right in Fruitland Park; a lot which I consider is now worth two hundred dollars, for building lots are scarce here. Remind me of this when you send your order. Put a few dollars a month into this fine land-they may grow into thousands.