Feel free to use this page to experiment with the Text Formatting Rules. Just click the "Edit" link and make changes, click "Preview" or "Save" to check the result.

Note that the default content of this WikiSandbox is automatically restored every fifteen minutes.

Use the examples below as reference and starting point for your experiments.

Paragraphs and line breaks

Consecutive lines will be merged together as part of the same paragraph, so these four lines in markup will be reformatted in the page view.

One or more empty lines will start a new paragraph.

Two backslashes at the end of a line
force a line break.

Or use this markup:
to force a break.


  • Bullet list
  • Another item
    • More asterisks produce sub-items
    • etc.
  1. Numbered lists
  2. Another item
    1. more hashes produce sub-items
  3. List types
  4. can be mixed
    • numbered list with unordered sub-list

Major Subheading

Minor Subheading

And More


Text Emphasis

To emphasize, enclose text in apostrophes (single-quote marks), not double-quotes:

Emphasize (italics),

 strong (bold), 

very strong (bold italics).


Words in links are automatically capitalized to make the link target: wiki sandbox

Text after a pipe (|) is used as the link text: practice area

Endings become part of the link text: wiki sandboxes.

Parentheses hide parts of the link name: sandbox

Links to different groups:

Main.WikiSandbox shows group + name

WikiSandbox shows only name

Links to external site, bare url:

With link text: Google

InterMap link: What's an Wikipedia:aardvark, anyway?

Preformatted text

 Preformatted text is displayed using
 a monospace font and not generating
 linebreaks except where explicitly
 indicated in the markup.
Wiki markup is not processed
in text escaped this way, and
lines are not reformetted.

Inline use: This is not ''emphasised'' text.

Escape sequence

If you don't want Wiki markup to be processed but lines to be reformatted, use this markup.

Inline use: This is not ''emphasised'' text.

Horizontal line

Four or more dashes at the beginning of a line

produce a "horizontal rule"


Simple tables use double pipe characters to separate cells:

cell 1cell 2cell 3
cell 1cell 2cell 3

Character formatting

  • Monospaced text
  • Text with superscripts
  • Text with subscripts
  • deleted strikethrough text
  • inserted underline text
  • big, bigger text
  • small, smaller text


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