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The question was posed: Do the MailingLists inhibit development of good documentation?

Ironic that so much wiki-info is "confined" to a list instead of the wiki.

As a GoodWikiCitizen we need to add and edit -- or refactor.

wikis need the XP (extreme programming) task of 25% refactoring. They are certainly not self-managing.



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Recommended actions

  1. If you search the documentation for information, but don't find what you need until you turn to the mailing list for it, do what you can to add your results to the documentation.
    • Even if you don't really understand the answers you got.
    • Once you've added the question and a first pass at an answer, put a link to it in a post to the mailing list thread, asking the users who do understand the material to contribute to it.
  2. similarly, add to AnsweredQuestions
    • I would suggest that AnsweredQuestions is a location of last resort. That is, put your question and answer there if you cannot figure out where it should go. The hope is that someone who does know where it should go will move it. In the meantime, the question and answer will be available to the search function. Neil Herber?

Location of this page

Cookbook makes me itchy -- this page isn't a "Recipe" -- it's a discussion of procedures.

Actually, rather than PmWiki/WikiRefactoring, it could be WikiEttiquette/WikiRefactoring. I think PmWiki is better used as documentation as that is the group shipped with a new copy of PmWiki. The group name could do with some rework, as it could easily be "UsingPmWiki" or WhatHaveYou. :-) BenWilson? (added by OtherMichael?)

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This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:WikiRefactoring, and a talk page: PmWiki:WikiRefactoring-Talk.