This page outlines the steps that would be required for each of the temporary directory scenarios in the mailing list thread (http://www.pmichaud.com/pipermail/pmwiki-users/2007-February/038723.html).

Leave wiki.d/ pages at pmwiki root, create a tmp/ in pmwiki root

Installing pmwiki (if safe_mode off):

  1. chmod 2777 pmwiki_root
  2. reload pmwiki.php

Installing pmwiki (safe_mode on, or site cannot do "chmod 2777"):

  1. mkdir pmwiki_root/wiki.d
  2. chmod 777 pmwiki_root/wiki.d
  3. mkdir pmwiki_root/tmp
  4. chmod 777 pmwiki_root/tmp

Top-level writable directory, pages and temp files as subdirs

For now we'll assume the top-level writable directory is called data.d/ (likely to change).

Installing pmwiki, safe_mode off:

  1. either chmod 2777 pmwiki_root/data.d or chmod 777 pmwiki_root/data.d
  2. reload pmwiki.php

Installing pmwiki, safe_mode on:

  1. mkdir pmwiki_root/data.d/pages
  2. chmod 777 pmwiki_root/data.d/pages
  3. mkdir pmwiki_root/data.d/tmp
  4. chmod 777 pmwiki_root/data.d/tmp

Presumably the data.d/ directory could be included in the distribution as an empty directory. One potential downside to this would occur for Mac OS/X systems. If a Mac OS/X system attempts to do a PmWiki upgrade by dragging-and-dropping a new pmwiki root on top of an existing pmwiki root, and the distribution contains an (empty) data.d/ directory, that empty directory would override any existing data.d/ directory, thus destroying any pages that happened to exist.

This page may have a more recent version on pmwiki.org: PmWiki:TempDirNotes, and a talk page: PmWiki:TempDirNotes-Talk.