I looked around a lot till I figured out that all I needed in order to better describe searchresults was to suggest that people look up from searchresults to pagelist on the Directives? page; see, I was looking specifically for searchresults, and couldn't figure out the use of the arguments :( If this page is redundant, maybe we should remove it - otherwise I could try to add more to it. -Radu? March 11, 2005, at 01:39 PM

This page describes how you can use the (:searchresults:)-directive to insert a list of other pages into the current wiki page as it is shown. There are lots of possible uses for this directive.

Included Searches

(:searchresults SearchString:)

Dumps exactly what you would get out of a search for SearchString and consumes the directive text.

(:searchresults group=GroupName SearchString:)

Limits the search to a specific group.

(:searchresults list=normal SearchString:)

Excludes some special pages from the search results (currently RecentChanges, GroupHeader, GroupFooter and GroupAttributes)

(:searchresults fmt=simple SearchString:)

Removes the hierarchical display by group and lists pages' full names, as in GroupName.PageName

Note: Any combination of the above should work as well.




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