This is a page where you can see answers to questions asked about PmWiki. These questions have been cleaned and clarified and where possible provide references to the appropriate PmWiki documentation.

For questions relating to skins or recipes see the page relating to that specific skins or add-on.

Is this the right place to post my question?

No, ask your question on the questions page.

Customising PmWiki

Is it possible to change the standard - setting "text color" from black to green ?

Change the text color for your entire wiki is to change the "color" setting in your skins' .css file. For instance in PmWiki.CSS

color: #1a1a1a;

How do I change the page Title

See Page Directives for the page directive (:title:)

How do I get comments into my code?

See Comment Markup

How do I disable the buttons like "View", "Edit, "History" etc at the top of my pmwiki page.

Also to disable the "text" on the top of my wiki, there's always posted the name of my wiki and the directory the user actually is.

This are possible in several different ways

  • change the Skin Templates. (Note that by merely editing out the buttons, the actions they command will still be available for users who know how to operate PmWiki by typing the request URL manually.)
  • use the page directive (:noaction:)
  • change the Site.Page actions page

How do I hide the sidebar when a page is being edited (?action=edit is at the end of the url)?

Add the (:noleft:) page directive to the Site.Edit Form.

How do I change the colour of a horizontal line?

Is this the right way?

%define=blockline block  border-bottom="dashed 5px #00EE00" border-top="solid 1px #00FF11"%
%blockline% %%

Another solution is to change the formatting of hr in your local.css[1] file.

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