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If you or your organization benefit from PmWiki and its development, you can support future development, growth, and maintenance by making a payment. You can receive an invoice and may be able to deduct it as expenses.


PmWiki is open source and available free of charge, however the "free" time for its development, maintenance and support is limited.

Petko Yotov has been the PmWiki core developer, release manager and webmaster since 2009, and has been publishing addons, updating documentation and providing support since 2006. Financial contributions allow Petko to dedicate more time and effort to the project, reduce other "real" (paid) work and still take care of family, rent, and food. Payments also reduce the tensions among family, work, and PmWiki and reduce burnout on the project.

Please do not feel obligated to make payments: you can always get PmWiki and support for free. This page exists to allow people or companies who want to contribute to do it legally and easily.


Payments can be made via Credit Card, via a PayPal account, via SEPA bank transfer, and you will receive a receipt or an invoice.

  • Credit or Debit cards or PayPal accounts can be used to make payments.
  • SEPA bank transfer may be convenient in Europe. Please contact for details.

While development, documentation, maintenance, communications, testing, and a host of other costs vary considerably according to the activity and complexity, below are some rough estimates on what your payments can allow Petko to perform:

  • 320 EUR = a day's work, eg. Core development (planning, researching, coding, testing, committing, documenting).
  • 320 EUR = website maintenance for 1 month (reviewing edits/uploads, reverting spam & vandalism, fixing broken pages, cleanup, configuration).
  • 160 EUR = tech intelligence gathering for 1 month (threats, strategies).
  • 160 EUR = fix and document 1 medium bug, or 2 simple bugs, or review & update 4 addons for PHP compatibility.
  • 480 EUR = create a simple mobile-friendly skin, or an average complexity addon.
  • 40 EUR = reply to support or development questions (4-5 simple/short replies, or 1 long reply, or 1 reply requiring research/testing/sample code). English is Petko's third language so writing takes some time.


Weekly heatmap


Reports that I might have a life outside PmWiki have been greatly exaggerated. ;-)

Yearly table

Contributed by Petkoa2007a2008200920102011201220132014201520162017201820192020202120222023
Subversion Commits  74808846616161491263514152204358204
PmWiki versions released  812159131312101351111111812
Mailing list messages298135292185239176193181127106103629875728298
Website edits: totals b13993118065797346044147954967014405178717778431126724
- Issue Tracker (PITS?)21164552391489671877179133376442697148
- English Documentation (PmWiki, News?)  15193141598965881051333764229195343261
- International Documentation 9198431671518131515147323416606
- Website organization (Site, SiteAdmin, Category?)11943243821621226064568691575424
- Recipes (Cookbook?, Skins?)2145248181345201219266326310648190303313333430295
- Other96485771346838272710119626426817316890

a: Before Petko took over the core development in January 2009.
b: Incomplete data, the actual number of edits is equal or higher (the setting $DiffKeepDays = 180; cause old edit history to be dropped). Numbers do not include edits in deleted pages after spam cleanup.
Petko is a maintainer of 140+ addons or recipes.


How much work is being done?

See table above.

Can I donate to Pm (Patrick Michaud) who wrote and developed PmWiki 2002-2009?

Please do, visit Send Pm money.

How do I make a payment?

Click on the appropriate button (Donate or Pay now) and you'll be taken to a page where you can enter the amounts and your information.

What payment amount should I make?

The amount is up to you. If PmWiki has made your life on the web better or easier, judge what that is worth to you.

May I deduct the payment as a tax item?

Petko Yotov is based in France/EU. Companies from Bulgaria, France, Germany, UK, and USA have been able to deduct these payments. Please confer with your tax advisor on this subject. If you use PmWiki for business purposes, such a payment may be an eligible business expense. Petko Yotov is not a non-profit entity permitted to provide tax exemptions as a charitable or non-profit entity. Consult your local tax laws and tax advisor for the best answer.

Can I contribute if I live outside of the U.S. or E.U.?

Yes. PayPal accepts payments from many different countries and automatically handles currency conversions: Reference.

You do not need a PayPal account to make a card payment, although it might not be obvious to find this option. As of 2023 this may need to be selected near the bottom of the checkout page.

What if I don't want to use a bank transfer or PayPal to send money?

Contact Petko Yotov and we will discuss other possibilities such as paper checks, gift cards, and similar.

What if I want to help with something other than money?

Contact Petko Yotov and we will discuss other possibilities.

I need a specific feature or capability in PmWiki and I am willing to pay for its priority implementation. Who should I contact?

Contact Petko Yotov.