Video formats

For the open,SUSE project, we have to work with at least three final formats: theora if we need free formats (each time it's possible), mpg to create dvd compatible formats (for example to make it possible to download a video dvd with all the openSUSE clips) and flv to be supported by Youtube and Dailymotion without too much quality loss.

Video quality

We won't ever have full blown video editing capability, so we have to keep reasonable. The dvd format, with a good bit rate is necessary to be able to cope with video projection (conferences). Editing in full HD is for the moment unusefull (and unpracticable).

%ost of the editing tools are ioptimized to cope with mpg (dvd) quality. Using DV is (2011) unusefull and a waste of disk space and time.


Fast and basic method

The best practical method to work fast is to make small cuts and assemble them without any transition ("cut" mode).

With this in mind, the work is most of the time the following (given the shot is done):

  • convert the rushes to mpg with ffmpeg -target pal-dvd;
  • use avidemux in copy mode to cut the rushes in bits: remove the bad parts, keep the good os, give them a name that shows the natural order
  • use again avidemux in copy mode to assemble the rushes. If the name a well choosen, avidemux loads itself all the rushes.
  • use ffmpeg to convert the mpeg to ogg/theora or flv

At a moment, il will be necessary to edit or change the soundtrack. It's easy to edit one (pcm format) with Audacity and add it to the video with Avidemux.

Sophisticated method

It's also possible to use non linear editors. However, if many are available, none is really good (not as good as Magix, for example, under Windows). It's possible to use some (kdenlive, openshot...), but preferably for small edits.