The zooming opening

wall paper image

kdenlive 0.7.8, stock openSUSE 11.3:

Object: add a still image (wall paper), create a 10s zooming to the openSUSE logo.

  • I used an openSUSE wall paper (screen copy) - as my scren is 1920x1080, this is more than one wants to insert in a dvd;
  • With showfoto, I resized the resulting image to fit my project, as I want 16x9, I got a 1436x807 image, have to be greater than the final result, as it will be zoomed in;
  • in kdenlive, Open the image, open effects, pan and zoom;
  • create one keyframe at the beginning (if it was not already there), then an other at the end. Use the <> from the transition options;
  • Open the extra options (small wheel on the transition windows). Clic on "fit zoom to monitor size" and/or "original size";
  • go to the last keyframe;
  • Use the resize option (in my case 200%). Place the image in the windows using the yellow frame (not easy). Done.
  • Render as dvd-pal-widescreen, 2800bps, two passes if your computer is reasonably powerfull.

One may have to trick a bit kdenlive to get the keyframes working. Not sure why nor what exactly.

The reverse zooming ending

I couldn't acheive reversing the video opening (avidemux error "it's not an audio clip"). But I could do again in kdenlive what I did for the opening, simply reversing the keyframes setup.

On the process, I noted what is probably a kdenlive bug. The lenght of a clip is given and setup in seconds and 100th of seconds, but there are only 25 or 30 images for a second. The lengh of a 10s clip is 9.24 (probably 9s and 24 images). The next image is displayed in the timeline, but it's not possible to make the cursor go through it (it always stay on the left of the cursor). It's pretty good (the cursor may always stay on the left side of an image) but anyway disturbing. And have to go to 10.01 s to have 10 s clip (I stayed to 9:24).

the clip with beginning and ending

Add some music

I went to jamendo (, search in the CC-BY zonej, found a music and added a track with kdenlive.

This is just for demo, as the track have to be clip long and so be added when the clip is complete.