The movie have to be short if it's not really eye catching. It's very difficult to keep attention more than one minute on such a movie, so be prepared to cut! Add transition (contents, not visual). a gran total of three minutes, at most 4 is good.

Opening (10s)

The first part, basically an openSUSE wall paper, with a title (a generic title for the serie and a more specific title for the movie). Have to be partially done by the artwork team. Should have an original music (to be created?)


20s to explain what will be shown

Part one

Any good construct have to be done in three principal parts, they content depending heavily of the goal of the film.

Part two

Part three


20s to summarize what was shown

Ending (10s)

Same as opening. Give credits to the makers, and the licences.That one have to be discussed for it have to include the artwork, the music, the video itself and may be sometime part of the contents filmed.