JDD's english Home page

Here you will find links to most of my work in english (by 2015, a large part of the wiki is in english, mostly Linux part).



Linux is my tool of choice from... a quite long time (september 1997), so I write quite a lot on the subject.

First part of this is located on linux-france web site. Alas most of it is in french. However, An english part has been added, for I'm now the maintainer of the "Partition-rescue-mini-HOWTO", that one of course is in english, and you are quite sure to find here the most up to date one. May be, some time too up to date and buggy... not updated for some time now, but I don't see reasons to update.


I work also for the LDP (), and own the Partition Rescue HOWTO


A long time ago, in the 80's, the HP-41 calculator brings up a new calculators era. There where no affordable PC's, then, and using a (very expensive) calculator was the only way to do some data processing.

Somehow, I become the President of the french "PPC" chapter, the french section of the international club driven by Richard nelson.

Curiously, in the 2000's a new interest arise and some people ask's me to revive PPC-T, so I did. PPC-T/hp-41