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Install and use Xen on openSUSE Leap



test computer: Dell 755 (old in 2016), with 6Gb ram, 128Gb ssd and 140Gb HDD

In openSUSE Leap, simply use YaST to install all what is necessary for Xen.

My first install crashed, I was obliged to switch off... the last screen seen was the grub install. Reboot showed the xen entry but it do bot boot (black screen, switch off necessary).

Leap standard menu works, so boot and update.

reinstall xen with yast, this time all works, but booting xen still gives black screen and crash

On my Dell Optiplex 755, I had to disable VT-X in Bios options, performances, to have Xen work.

How it works

Most Virtual machines have the following functioning:

  • start from a standard lnux or windows install
  • install the virtual manager. You usually need to load a kernel module on Linux or the equivalent on Windows.
  • Then you reboot the machine to insert the module in the kernel
  • after that you have access to a virtual machines manager, create the virtual machine (aka "host" or "virtual hardware"), then use it to install whatever system you want as if it was a real machine.

Vmware or Virtualbox works like this. Xen is a bit more complex. The xen module is a bit more demanding. Looks like xen is mostly done to be used with virtual farms where the host is only used to support virtual machines.