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  • jdd <> [02-11-09 11:17]:

> > > > the real problem is when one realize he shouldn't have changed a > > system file, to explain YaST to do the job again. I don't know how to > > do :-( > > > > I read once that YaST keep a md5sum of any (config) file, but it's > > very old in my mind :-( > >

Reminding that my mind is *really* old, look under


and rm the particular file. When you next run SySconfig, the md5 checksum will be regenerated and YaST/SySconfig will honor the new values as it's own :^).

note: SySconfig compares the md5 checksum to see if the file has been altered so that it does *not* make changes that disagree with the ones you have already made. If the md5 checksums agree, SySconfig does not know that you have manually edited the file.

note2: I was the one complaining that manual changes to postfix did not persist even after removing the md5 checksum as described above. I believe that I filed a bugzilla after being told that this could not happen, BUT the old memory I have doesn't present the dates and numbers :^(.