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Update jully 2017: Nomachine provide an universal driver, client/serveur for linux, windows and android at least, that allows using a tablet as terminal - not that easy without mouse, then.

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NX is a VNC like server/client using the ssh protocol as communication, so much more secure than VNC.

However, installing it was not that easy. Setup have changed and so did infos.

Server install

As of 2013, many buils service projects buils nx, I choosed this one:

but couldn't add it cleanly, so I did: right clic on the processor architecture I have (64 bits), "copy the URL". Paste this url on my serveur terminal and wget it. It should b a rpm.

Do this for FreeNix and NX. Then ask zypper to install the two rpm. Should be done.:

zypper in FreeNX-0.7.3-1.1.x86_64.rpm NX-3.5.0-122.1.x86_64.rpm


 nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key --clean 

to install the server the first time

give me an error "Setting up cups nxipp backend ...cp: cannot stat ‘/usr/lib64/cups/backend/ipp’: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type", but I have no printer on this server, so it's normal.


 nxserver --help

to check status of the server. The server runs on the ssh port, 22.

Client install

I couldn't make the qtnx client work... so I was obliged to use the free (as in beer, but not open) Nomachine client.

For the client, dowload on your desktop computer (not the server) the tgz version from nomachine. As root, copy it whatever you want. Nomachine says to copy it to /usr, and so I did, but it simply create an NX folder there (do not try to copy the content of this folder to the /usr tree!). Using the rpm gives the same NX folder in ./usr.

As user (not root), clic on the nxclient file and follow the instructions. You should end up we an icon on your desktop for future use and a full screen windows opening on your desktop :-).

To change config remove .nx

In kde4 menu, NX if found in the internet menu. Choose custom desktop and "startxfce4" (I have xfce on the server side). Doc here

1024x768 window is probably enough. Do not use all the available space on the desktop, this makes you at risk to forget you work on the server, and on my case floating window disturbs the actual home desktop display.

Remote sessions

You should be able to keep remote sessions open, but my first attempt didn't allow me to connect again.