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I have for now nearly 10 years a small server available from the net, as http and mail server for me and my family. This server was, some time ago, hosted on my own DSL line, being physically on an old laptop on my desk (headless - no monitor).

Some years ago I decided to earn a hosted server at, the price being very low. I now (June 2011) replaced this one by a new one, at the same place and cheaper, the new being much more powerfull. For approx €21 a month, I get a celeron 220 1.2Ghz x86_64fdree, 2Gb ram and 1000.2 GB hard drive.

My Hosting company makes it very difficult to run Linux distribution not offered by them (because they like to have run time monitor to the hardware), but they offer a great choice, including the very last 11.4 openSUSE.