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Open SUSE small-server 2021

Updated on march 19, 2021


As of 2021, I have still an online hosted server at Kimsufi, very cheap one, implemented with Yunohost for Nextcloud (2TB HDD).

As I want to run INN, the Internet Newsgroup server, and I'm not fluent with debian (Yunohost) and Yunohost don't know about INN, I first use an old laptop at home, where now I have fiber glass link, very fast.

First step: install the system

I chose to install openSUSE Leap 15.3 beta, the next to be released openSUSE because being 3 month from the release I guess it's pretty clean, and it's a new variant very close to the professional SUSE version.

During install, I create root account then my user account, with pretty strong passwords.

Then "zypper ref && zypper up" to have an updated system.


My home server being a laptop is equipped with ethernet and WIFI networks. I use Yast to configure the two of them, but de-activate the wifi in Yast. That way it's easy to reactivate it if any problem come on ethernet, but don't keep an open door permanently.

At this stage, my server is *not* connected to the Internet, my network being managed by my provider box and nothing being redirected by now to the server. So I can only access it from the internal network.


Most essential software is installed by default by this server implementation.

Don't forget to activate the necessary services in YaST, system, services manager. You may want to use "systemctl enable", read the systemctl man page, it's pretty important by the time. I activate vsftpd, inn and apache2.

Automatic updates

You should have a YaST module to manage automatic security updates? If you don't have, you didn't install the relevant module. Do and configure the update. The module name (15.3) is "yast2-online-update-configuration".

I fully trust the openSUSE update system, so I also accept automatic update of recommended software. Nowaday, exploits are to fast to be used to miss an update.


I was pretty used with SuseFirewall2, but not at all with the new firewalld, I trust Yast2 config.

work in progress, below the old part remaining:


Tested in 2019

Tested in 2014




Tested earlier

Unusefull for my 2014 config

Old pages

May be of some use?