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Installing NVIDIA proprietary driver was always challenging... This is for my old HP computer, on May 3, 2017.

The "Nouveau" free driver is a bit too slow for video making. Proprietary driver is a bit faster.

There are several drivers for nvidia in YaST... always challenging to know which one is the good one. I choose to install the last one (G04), but then I only could start the terminal...

dmesg told me that I should have used G03... On the mean time, I had a conflict announced at install time and went through. I also tried nvidia-xconfig - I shouldn't... because this broke even the terminal!


  • in grub menu hit "e" to go to edit mode. Add "3" to the linux kernel options line to get again the terminal
  • remove the /etc/X11/xorg.conf created by nvidia-xconfig.
  • look at the logs. For me, dmesg said I had to use the driver (here the G03 one)
  • go to YaST (ncurse semi-graphic version). Choose "repository view", nvidia, and remove everything in it. It want to add an other version, when the conflict screen come say "accept breaking package". You should have removed any incorrect driver.
  • add the good driver (G03).
  • conflict with no menu! problem between and libopengl.1.2... cancel, nothing is installed
  • Go to an other terminal, look. I had only the first one. remove it
  • Go to YaST again and this time no more problem, install well and start ok.