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This is normal and expected. Without the extension, PmWiki doesn't know that this is an image file, so it simply links to it instead of incorporating the picture in the page.

Now, if the picture has an extension, if the file is actually named "page1.jpg" then this is your server software accepts partial file names and serves them, so good for you. With the Apache server this is called "content negociation", search for it to learn more.

If the uploaded file is named "page1" without extension, then again your server software sees the file, recognizes that it is a JPEG picture and sends the correct headers to the browsers. With Apache this is done by the modules mod_mime or mod_mime_magic.

So, the "feature" you experience is related to the server software, not to PmWiki, and it will probably stay for that piece of server software. It may not work if you decide to use a different server, say NginX, instead of Apache.

Also, if some day you have PmWiki serve the attached files, with $EnableDirectDownload=0; for example in password-protected pages/uploads, the feature may not work anymore as PmWiki relies on the extension to send the correct headers, and sends the files without extensions with text/plain headers. Some browsers might display the picture correctly but most should either display garbage text or offer you to save the file to your device.

Note that the intended way in PmWiki to link to a picture without incorporating it, is this: [[Attach:page1.jpg]] instead of this one, incorporating the picture: Attach:page1.jpg


On 2015-06-05 15:37, jdd wrote:
> Attach:page1
> without any extension, an then loading a jpg file, I get a link to the
> jpg file that works, that is the file do not display in the page, but
> if I click the link this loads the image.
> like in the page
> I just wanted to know if it's the normal way of work (my pmwiki is
> pretty old). It's the feature I need, so I want to know if it is to
> stay

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