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This page is aimed at the people that drive a server and don't have to rely to FTP to instal anything. This can be acheived by direct console input or through ssh.

All what is here is applicable on a Linux machine, probably any unix.

Basic install

  • Get the PmWiki archive, here pmwiki-latest.tgz
  • Get the necessary i18n archive, if applicable, here
  • Get, if wanted, the skin archive , here

I will call "htdocs" your present Apache web site root. Of course you must give the full path to the archives when applicable.

  • Go in htdocs


 tar xvfz pmwiki-latest

This will give you a folder "pmwiki.x.y.z" depending on the version

 mv pmwiki.x.y.z pmwiki

to upgrade to a new pmwiki version, "cp -a pmwiki.x..y.z/. /path/to/wiki

pmwiki <tab> is the best way :-)

 cd pmwiki/local
 cp ../docs/sample-config.php config.php
 vi config.php

Add the passwords, at least for the 'admin', 'attr' and 'edit' actions. replace simply the "secret" word by the password you want. A more secure way is possible, but you can set it up later.

go back in htdocs.

 chmod 2777 pmwiki

and launch the wiki in your browser


PmWiki will create some files.

 chmod 755 pmwiki

It's mostly done.


Add an index.php file in your pmwiki folder with

 <?php include('pmwiki.php');

to access the wiki with just



Go in htdocs/pmwiki


Accept to overwrite the files if asked.

 vi local/config.php

Paste in the file, after the first line,



Go in pmwiki/pub/skin

 vi pmwiki/local/config.php

Replace as a skin 'pmwiki' by 'triad'