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"Nocem" is a new (?) system to manage usenet articles. here the project home page (may be obsolete, the alt.nocem.misc group is empty).

To use it you have to find people that make nocem article. To be very short, nocem articles defines some sort of filter allowing to find and remove unwanted articles.

The nocem article sent to me are in the dodin.nocem local group. It's likely that the server you use have same kind of local group, and the references can be found inside the nocem messages.

Nocem articles can without problem be sent to the more general group fr.usenet.abus.nocem as they are only active is the corresponding pgp key is present on the server.

Nocem and pgp

Nocem uses articles authenticated with pgp, so pgp have to work. Looks like the Debian INN package do this, but not the openSUSE package.

pgp is necessary to have the perl-nocem script work.

So you may have to edit "/usr/lib/news/lib/perl/INN/" (<pathlib>/perl/INN/, adding /usr/bin/xxx to get

our $gpgv = '/usr/bin/gpgv';
our $gpg = '/usr/bin/gpg';
our $pgp = '/usr/bin/pgp';

Nocem group

1) Create a nocem group:

ctlinnd newgroup dodin.nocem

Import the writer pgp key

What I did:

  • create the folder ~news/pgp
  • cd ~news/pgp
  • create the ncmring file with :touch ncmring.gpg
  • wget http://llpminibo<link to the pgp public key>

Edit newsfeeds


or better


Edit ~news/nocem.ctl

Add the line:

That is the nocem author mail, ":", the list of nocem articles accepted. The word (here "cleaning") have to be found from the message author.


At least INN, may be the hole server if pgp or perl where just installed.

look at the logs

news> grep -R nocem * | less

May give you a long list of places where "nocem" is quoted, including messages.

Publishing nocems

I like to let the public know what I do, so

  • I created a group "dodin.processed"
  • filled it with nocem logs with cron:
50 23 * * * grep -B1 "processed notice" /etc/news/logs/news.notice

In /etc/aliases (so as root):

processed: "|/usr/lib/news/bin/mailpost -b /var/tmp -t /var/tmp dodin.processed"

Don't forget to run newaliases.

Then the cron mail is sent to the group by mailpost.

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