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INN - installation

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At some moment you may need a MTA, for example postfix

error <> (expanded from <news>): SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not
    offered by host[]

Postfix page about this error In summary:

  1. postconf smtputf8_enable=no
  2. postfix reload

Seams to fix the error

I see in my mails that I had a problem because

alias_maps = lmdb:/etc/aliases

was not filled


openSUSE allows simple installation. Go to Yast, software, search for "InternetNews" and tick inn then OK... You get the basic setup. Leap 15.3 version (dec 2021) is 2.6.2-bp153.3.3.1.

INN is installed as user "news". In /etc/password:

 news:[...]:News system:/etc/news:/sbin/nologin

So it's an user, but nobody can log in this account, and the account is in /etc. At some time in the INN use, you may have to work as "news" user. It's not as easy as one could think, but there is a workaroud: if you are root on your server, you can type

sudo -u news -s /bin/bash

and like this get a bash session as user news.

It's sometime difficult to find where the files are stored, every distribution have it's own places.

For openSUSE, files are in:

/etc/news (aka ~news, home of user "news"); you get in with "cd".
/usr/lib/news (specially bin, where are tools and doc);

It may be useful to add in the ~news folder these links:

ln -s /var/spool/news spool
ln -s /var/log/news logs
ln -s /usr/lib/news/bin bin

To find them more easily and make command prefixes simpler.


To receive logs with mails, you have to install "mail" (or mailx), that means postfix.

zypper in mail (as root)

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