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DVD readers in openSUSE Linux

Small page to list the openSUSE dvd readers and they ability of making a good work. Now for 11.4.


Crashes when reading dvd's


Banshee is not able to open a dvd location (folder). To open a VOB file it asks for a module, serach it but do not find it.


Don't seems to be able to read VOB files


Is a Mplayer GUI. Do not open locations, but if directed to the IFO file open it and read the dvd. Not found a way to display the menu (opening the menu VOB do not get access to functions).

If directed to a dvd iso, open the first file, but do not scan further (and so do not read the dvd).


It can't open a folder, not understand the IFO file, but when in DVD read ode (try to open a dvd, error "no disk" and black screen), you can drag and drop a VIDEO_TS folder and the dvd is read (no menus). (august 2011) Kaffeine reads perfectly a dvd inserted in the reader, it allows going anywhere in the dvd, but can't jump on chapter (or I didn't find the command).

Read perfectly a dvd iso.


Mplayer read VOB files, but not the complete DVD files from VIDEO_TS folder, but you can read an iso file (with video dvd content), scanning the chapters with the up and down arrows


Open any kind of DVD, have a menu "DVD in a folder", lot of options, but do not seems to be able to open the menu.


Nearly identical to smplayer


Totem read individual files (including VOB), but do not open IFO files nor isos.

(august 2011) reads perfectly the dvd. The dvd name is even displayed in the film menu!


Xine reads nearly all, if you can understand its interface :-). Better drag and drop.


VLC is the best video reader ever! It can read all from anywhere and witout codecs problem. That said, it can be unreliable in unpredicable way. Just now it's only available from here:

This VLC repository can sometime be a problem, you may have to remove it if you experiment troubles.