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To make my Canon Selphy cp910 works with my openSUSE 13.2, I had to compile the gutenprint software.

I could do this with the help of the mailing list and specifically this post:

The sources are to be found here:

one have to fight with bad end of lines in this page, specially the last line (cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous... have to be on the same line). I'm not sure the tgz file is uptodate, given the date of the files included.

then I use the line:

./ --disable-shared --with-cups-nickname="CUPS+Gutenprint-CVS v" --disable-libgutenprintui2 --without-doc

I had a doubt about the mailing list command, because it was at the separation between two lines of the mail and, after all, this is only a name. Then I had to remove --enable-cups-ppds --enable-testpattern. The latter may be without problem, but I removed it first... the ppds option prevented the compilation, I don't know why.

But like I give it here, all went nice (after adding the missing libs, as usual, with yast).

Then make clean ; make ; make install (as root), remove if any the previous install in yast, connect the usb cable and it works. Not (yet) tested wifi - I doubt it works, as a special communication system was necessary with usb.