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Le 13/05/2011 12:05, Dave Plater a écrit :

> local builds whenever you can. Install the source rpm - as root 
> "zypper si DVDStyler"

zypper installs a lot of dependencies that where not necessary previously :-!

 zypper may indicate that certain required 
> packages are missing, if so "zypper in missingpackage".

nothing like this

 Change to the 
> directory /usr/src/packages then
> "rpmbuild -bb -D "jobs 2" SPECS/DVDStyler.spec"

ok - and not even necessary to untar the source archive :-)

 the "jobs 2" indicates 
> the number of simultaneous jobs that make can use and for maximum 
> speed should be the same number as your cpu's cores, if you have an 
> old single core cpu (even a celeron is dual core nowadays) that 
> doesn't even support hyperthreading set the number to 1.

> After this process has completed successfully you will find the rpms 
> in RPMS/x86_64 or on a 32 bit system RPMS/i586. If you want to install 
> via yast create your own repository after cd'ing to RPMS "createrepo 
> /usr/src/packages/RPMS" and then
> "zypper ar /usr/src/packages/RPMS local" the name local can be 
> anything that you wish to call the repository and is the one you will 
> use for installation of the package. This is the safest way to build 
> local packages and makes it easy to change to whichever version of the 
> package you wish to use.
> Dave P
(remove first the previous packman version) then
zypper in package with zypper

works ok.